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Wendy Barnes designs whole-space projects for home or office

Bespoke Wildlife Interiors

Imagine a Wendy Barnes Design Space championing YOUR wildlife cause.

Art is key to conservation. Art has the ability to redefine conservation as a chic topic and to catapult necessary, critical wildlife causes to a mainstream audience. Art can move your individual, company or brand’s philanthropic mission into a new realm of understanding and vocalize your mission to your friends and clients through public spaces.


Example of Hotel Room designLet the room tell your story

Many people easily subscribe to the idea that life is a canvas on which you create your life. Such a lovely metaphor and one that inspires hope, excitement and optimism for the future.


If you have a room or space needing artwork and/or decor (pillows, rugs, etc), you literally have a blank canvas ready and open to craft your personal vision. Why not tell a story with your choices? Taking the idea of art and decor to this deeper level is a form of self-expression anyone can do. Whether you create the art yourself or not, you have the ability to decide which story you want to tell.

Horseshoe Crab inspired room decor

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