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Bald Eagle Cocktail Napkins

Bald Eagle Cocktail Napkin - Set of 4


Start the conversation at your conservation chic cocktail parties with these cloth cocktail napkins featuring the majestic bald eagle!

 Makes a great, memorable hostess gift under $20 instead of (or paired with) a bottle of wine! Each napkin has a slot on one side so that you may insert a glass to use as a traveling "worry no more" coaster.

Mix & Match to use instead of wine charms and get the conversation started- what's YOUR favorite animal?!

Machine washable - gentle cycle

Spot treat stains as normal

Gentle iron as needed

Eco-friendly inks & 100% cotton fabric

Each design begins with an original Wendy Barnes Pen & Ink drawing

10% donated to wildlife conservation partners!

Swatches, custom colors & wholesale information available upon request

Ships FREE in 2- 3 business days