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Cocktail Napkins Horseshoe crab
Cocktail Napkins Horseshoe crab
Horseshoe Crab front
Horseshoe Crab cloth cocktail napkin pictured with drink
Cloth cocktail napkin with horseshoe crab print
Horseshoe Crab back
Enjoying as wine charms
Instructions for using as wine marker or wine charm

Horseshoe Crab Cocktail Napkin - Set of 4


Save the environment and wildlife with reusable, cloth cocktail napkins featuring horseshoe crabs!  A 'Conservation Chic' personal touch to your tabletop.  Makes a great, memorable hostess gift under $20 instead of (or paired with) a bottle of wine!  Each napkin has a slot on one side so that you may insert a glass to use as a traveling "worry no more" coaster.

Mix & Match to use instead of wine charms and get the conversation started- what's YOUR favorite animal?!

Machine washable - gentle cycle

Spot treat stains as normal

Gentle iron as needed

Eco-friendly inks & 100% cotton fabric

Each design begins with an original Wendy Barnes Pen & Ink drawing

10% of every sale supports Horseshoe Crab Conservation at Marine Discovery Center, New Smyrna Beach, FL!

 *Ships in 3-4 business days