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Free Shipping for US Orders! Handmade Accessories to Help You Avoid Plastic & Support Wildlife Conservation Partners Worldwide | Free shipping for all domestic orders!

Reusable Straw Cases, Cloth Napkins, Eco Friendly - Wendy Barnes Design creates cotton fabrics designed from original pen & ink wildlife artwork by illustrator, Wendy Barnes.  Bring your own straw, reuse your napkins and start the conversation about wildlife conservation.  10% donated to wildlife partner charities.

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    The Essential, Universal Reusable Straw & Utensil Case

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    A stylish alternative to single-use

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    Cloth Napkins for Good

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    10% gives back

    10% gives back

    Wendy's mission is to inspire champions for our planet's vibrant wildlife through colorful and sustainable-minded gifts that give back.

    Every purchase proudly supports a wildlife conservation partner.

    Pictured are images from Conservation Fusion, working in Madagascar to educate youth on the importance of native wildlife and protecting local resources.

    Shop the Lemur (ring-tailed) & Radiated Tortoise patterns to support their important mission.

    Largemouth Bass for Coastal Wildscapes

    Largemouth Bass for Coastal Wildscapes

    Every pattern begins with an original pen & ink drawing by artist, designer & illustrator, Wendy Barnes.

    After designing each colorful and modern fabric, every item is handmade in Florida meaningfully with an intent to help you avoid single-use items in style.

    By supporting unique wildlife patterns and environmentally good products, you can elevate your everyday choices to a forward-thinking, eco-friendly lifestyle with fashionable flair.

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    Blog posts

    • June 06, 2019 Because there are species that have no data! None! Zip!
      Because there are species that have no data! None! Zip! The current figures from a quick internet search say roughly two-thirds of our planet’s species are undiscovered. Undiscovered! Of the ones that ARE discovered, many have no data. If we have no understanding of these species on their own and how they act, we certainly have no understanding of how they interact and beyond.
    • April 17, 2019 Reusable Straw Do's and Don'ts
      Reusable Straw Do's and Don'ts Carrying your own reusable straw is like the gateway drug to plastic-free living. Taking the next step to avoid all single-use plastic is inevitable. Here are my Do's & Don'ts for Reusable Straws:
    • March 04, 2019 Why You Need Another Reusable Shopping Tote
      Why You Need Another Reusable Shopping Tote

      If you are like me, you have enough reusable bags at this point to fill up a bus with groceries (by the way, cheers to us! You are most welcome, planet). This continues to work out for me though as I either forget to put my bags back in the car, back in my purse or am just plain forgetful- I have them everywhere to assist me in making the right choice when I shop. Why do I need one more?

    • October 07, 2018 What is your footprint? Change Yours in a Fun, Affordable Way!
      What is your footprint? Change Yours in a Fun, Affordable Way! Learn about your ecological footprint. Change your footprint by changing your disposable straw use! Everything we use matters, be the difference. Straw cases are a fun and affordable gift idea for 2018, to ignite change with friends and family.