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"To create sustainable home decor and lifestyle accessories combining good design with support for wildlife conservation.  To draw artwork and create fabrics daily with the beauty of nature as never-ending inspiration."

- Wendy Barnes

Refreshingly simple, irresistibly sustainable, luxuriously functional.

Wildlife conservation causes are the backbone of Wendy Barnes Design. With the intention of creating a better world for our animals, the artwork and decor is an expression of the truly amazing work of conservation professionals worldwide.

Creating environmentally conscious designs with the goal of reducing further paper napkin waste, the cocktail napkins seek to demonstrate a better way to entertain.  Functioning as cocktail napkins, coasters and a fresh take on a wine charm, let your guests choose for themselves which animal they wish to identify with for the evening.

Pillows and art work allow for you to display what you care about and support with every purchase while complementing your home with great color and evocative prints.

By bringing together vetted and respected causes in a portfolio representing social and environmental good, we are able to demonstrate the breadth of impact capable through art and design.

Our First Fifty Causes (#firstfiftycauses) campaign is underway. Here are our first partners, receiving 10% of Wendy Barnes Design proceeds:

1.  Madagascar Collection - Conservation Fusion

2.  Horseshoe Crab Collection - Marine Discovery Center

3.  Alabama Collection - Weeks Bay Foundation

“The Weeks Bay Foundation is an accredited land trust that that has been striving to “Protect the Edges” since 1990. This means that we work to conserve critical coastal habitat throughout Baldwin and Mobile County. In addition, we support the Weeks Bay Reserve in educating our community members about the importance of these resources."

 Thanks for your support!

 Ms. Yael Girard

Executive Director

Weeks Bay Foundation


4.  Rhinoceros Collection - International Rhino Foundation

5.  Georgia Collection - One Hundred Miles

6.  Marine Turtle Collection - UCF Marine Turtle Research Group

7.  Sea Island Collection - Georgia Natural Resources Foundation

8.  Coastal Collection - Sea Turtle Conservancy

9.  Snow Leopard Collection - Snow Leopard Trust

...and counting


Conservation program inquiries for First Fifty Causes Campaign consideration can be sent to

Thank you to everyone helping the animals of our world!