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3rd Annual Holiday Gift Guide for Wildlife Lovers!

3rd Annual Holiday Gift Guide for Wildlife Lovers!

Here's a fun guide for all your holiday shopping!! These are my favorite gifts this year:

Fair Trade Lover:

Welljourn is a curated collection of fair-trade and artisan-made items, destined to hold a special place in someone’s life.

Use code GIFT20 for 20% Off Welljourn while supplies last:

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Whale Lovers:

My friend Elizabeth has great gifts from her amazing art including this hoodie featuring the recently discovered Rice's Whale!

Shop Elizabeth Bonert

Sticker and Pin Lover:

Fin Pin Shop is so fun! I did a collaboration with them earlier this year and know you and your gift list will love them:

Shop Fin Pin

Handmade Gifts for Wildlife Lovers:
The top pick from my site that is getting great reviews, is on sale, and allows me to help you 'guess' at what they will love is the gift bundle! Come and let me show you them all:
Use Discount Code: NICE20 for 20% off on www.wendybarnesdesign.com while supplies last!
Happy Holidays!
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