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How To Carry Your Reusable Straw in Style!

How To Carry Your Reusable Straw in Style!

Two things I am passionate about are good design and protecting our planet. It is a very exciting time seeing all of the activity surrounding straws- you are ditching disposable plastic straws left and right and adopting a bring your own reusable or paper straw behavior and lifestyle adjustment in favor of environmental good. You want to be part of all of this and always love a way to make necessary things a bit more fun too, right? Keep reading.

Why do I need a Reusable Straw Case?

When I started carrying my own reusable straw I was wrapping it in a cloth, tucked in tightly like a child dreaming of sugar plums, hoping it would not roll free into the abyss known as the bottom of my purse (if you do not carry a purse, substitute: wherever you keep keys and things when you leave the house). Admittedly an unorganized purse carrier, I'm the type of person that easily gives up in frustration when I try to find something (especially in a drive-thru line) and come up with a wad of week-old receipts I am saving instead. Does this sound familiar?

How is a Reusable Straw Case a stylish solution?

As I was already designing pillows, cocktail and dinner napkins out of fabrics I created from my pen & ink drawings, I just so happened to have lots of cute fabrics and now a clear need. Thus, I began making Reusable Straw Cases, lovingly and informally called 'Conservation Chic Bags' as they make support for conservation 'chic'. Machine washable (great for putting back into your purse, glove box, etc. after use) in easy-to-spot colors and prints, these cases can comfortably hold your paper or reusable straw and 2-3 other utensils of your choice so you can cart them about and be armed and ready to skip the straw.

Reusable Straw Case in Purse

What's the big picture?

My purpose is to support wildlife conservation partners in the field by bridging the awareness gap through accessible design. By using color, artwork and wildlife as endless inspiration, I am creating a line of products that you can feel good about.  That warm and fuzzy artisan-crafted, handmade kind of feeling of gifts that give back.

Why do you need to carry a reusable straw?

If you drink smoothies or frothy iced coffee beverages, you know a straw is still essential. What better excuse to reach in your purse and pull out the (easily spotted) cherry red snow leopard pattern bag that also supports Snow Leopard Trust's work via 10% of your sale for example. While you are at it, talk conservation support with your friends or with the server- mission accomplished!

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Wendy Barnes Design connects wildlife conservation causes to everyday lifestyle choices through animal prints resulting in awareness and action. Join the newsletter and meet the partners you can support through every purchase and more at www.wendybarnesdesign.com

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