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Why You Need Another Reusable Shopping Tote

Why You Need Another Reusable Shopping Tote

If you are like me, you have enough reusable bags at this point to fill up a bus with groceries (by the way, cheers to us! You are most welcome, planet). This continues to work out for me though as I either forget to put my bags back in the car, back in my purse or am just plain forgetful- I have them everywhere to assist me in making the right choice when I shop. When you have a cold you might do something similar with tissues- stash them everywhere to have readily available- this is the same way I handle reusable grocery bags.

I also have a bag collecting problem because I love design- not just the surface design on the bag but also the shape, the way it carries, if it is lined for cold foods, if it has sections for wine bottles, and how it folds.

My favorite reusable shopping bags are light-weight and with cute patterns that double as your actual bag- if I am using a small clutch for my purse, I love being able to toss it into my shopping bag so I am only carrying one thing while I shop. Avoiding single-use plastic while sporting a super cute tote is fun - environmental-good is definitely the new black.

When listening to my customers telling me they would love a matching tote, in the back of my mind I admit thinking "Do I really want to add another tote design to this already full world?" Thoughts of sustainability, zero-waste, my ecological footprint, too much stuff and not appreciating what we already have (I just de-cluttered again per a popular tidying book I have been living by the last few years!) came to mind.

After thinking it through and sewing my first tote prototype and carrying it with me, I decided whole-heartedly, YES! Not just for me but for my wildlife partners! Carrying around your Leatherback Sea Turtle Tote Bag not only looks cute (and quite fashionable I think!) but it also continues my mission in a public way to gain more attention for the dozens of wildlife conservation partners I have working daily and tirelessly to protect the animals and habitats of our world. Not only do I donate 10% back to Sea Turtle Conservancy, my partner for the leatherback pattern, but it starts a conversation though style- a social good answer to "ooh, where did you get that bag?" which is:  "I got it on wendybarnesdesign.com and it supports sea turtle conservation!"


 Inside each fully lined tote is a place to hold your matching Reusable Straw Case (or shake things up and don't match!) and your Snack Bag. Totes are sold separately or together as a whole set. Also included are two pockets and a simple sling to help hold your (reusable!) water bottle upright. More patterns to come- contact me to get your favorite here.

I hope you love them!


Wendy Barnes Design connects wildlife conservation causes to everyday lifestyle choices through animal prints resulting in awareness and action. Join the newsletter and meet the partners you can support through every purchase and more at www.wendybarnesdesign.com

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