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Aye-aye Napkin Single for Take-Out


Using a cloth napkin is a great way to be a champion for our planet. Keep one in a lunch bag, car and more.

Each napkin measures 10.5" square and coordinates with all the other Wendy Barnes Design products- keep one in your matching Keychain Bag, Snack Bag, Reusable Straw Case and/or Tote and never be caught in a messy pickle again.

Back of napkin has small black loop if you would like to clip to other objects- all about being handy!

Napkin Single Challenge from Wendy Barnes Design:

 For at least 1 week (30 days for the bold) keep your napkin in your purse/bag/pocket/car. See if you need it and when you do, let us know on social media @wendybarnesdesign! Car coffee spills, sticky hands, take out napkin rescue and more, will love to hear when you find it handy for the first time. Use with love like an old recipe card and toss it in the wash.


  • Machine washable, lay flat to dry. Also dryer safe but then you may want to iron, so lay flat LOL.
  • Spot treat stains as normal cloth napkin. Will they stain? Likely, yes, unless you only eat colorless foods. Think of the stains as marks of a colorful culinary life!
  • 100% cotton.


  • Free swatches upon request if trying to match your décor.
  • Custom colors and sizes available upon request for additional charge. Let’s make your vision happen!
  • USPS shipping (free shipping on orders over $50!) 

    Each design is from an original Wendy Barnes pen and ink drawing and gives back 10% to wildlife conservation partners for each pattern!

 I know you care about the health of our planet and wildlife and want to make an impact. Shopping with intention to have your dollars do more can give you that positive shift from feeling helpless to generous. I vet conservation partners worldwide working to protect all species so you can proudly shop knowing you are supporting good people doing great things for our planet all in one place.

Customer Reviews

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Fabulous product, beautiful design!

So happy to put these in my kids’ lunch boxes for school and support a female small business owner (as well as a nonprofit) with our sustainable purchase!