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Otter Utility Towel

New and improved for 2023, this Utility Towel is both an effective and sustainable solution; reducing paper towel usage while also providing a meaningful opportunity to support wildlife. Its absorbency and vibrant color make it ideal for any kitchen setting.
Why You’ll Love It:
  • Made of 100% cotton on the front and new terry cotton on the back, the Utility Towel offers increased strength, absorption and the ability to scrub.
  • The towel can be machine washed and is suitable for tumble drying, hanging or flat drying.
  • An added benefit is the small elastic included for hanging onto knobs or other places.
  • It is 16" x 11", making it an ideal size for effective utility without fabric waste.
See Why Others Love It:

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 5-star review from Jo-Ann: The best! These towels really save on paper towels. Great gifts.

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 5-star review from Carolyn: Beautiful and functional. Love these towels. Absorbent and so much nicer than paper!

More Reasons to Love:
  • Reduce or eliminate your dependence on paper towels by utilizing Utility Towels! Disposable products contribute greatly to our lagging waste output, as well as contributing to degradation of natural habitats; a Utility Towel can be just as useful.
  • Authentically crafted in Florida with exclusive wildlife designs produced from hand-drawn pen and ink illustrations by Wendy.
  • USPS shipping (free shipping on orders over $50!) in 1-2 business days plus carrier time.
  • 10% of every sale is donated to a wildlife conservation partner for the animal pictured. You can truly do something to help through this purchase!
Shopping with intention to contribute to the health of our planet and its wildlife can provide a feeling of empowerment and generosity. Wendy carefully approves conservation partners worldwide to ensure that their efforts are directed toward protecting all species, so customers can shop with confidence that their dollars are supporting worthwhile causes.

    The Otter is partnered with Blue World Research Institute and the Florida Otter Spotters Program. We can help byΒ 10% of each sale of this pattern directly giving back ($1 for every $10!)


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    Chris Erickson (Mount Prospect, US)

    Love it!