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African Penguin Reusable Straw Case


The African Penguin, in partnership with S.A.F.E. (Saving Animals From Extinction) Program through the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, is a pattern dear to the hearts of many. We can help by 10% of each sale of this pattern directly giving back ($1 for every $10!)

The original Reusable Straw Case, launched in 2017, defines Wendy Barnes Design as we know it today! With a mission early on to replace disposable plastic straws and utensils with reusables yet no ideal way to carry them, this pouch holds everything you need and continues to solve this need in style.

Side note- when I first started selling these, 95% of people said:

 ‘Reusable straws? That is not a thing…’

So happy this behavior is now common! I smile when I see them EVERYWHERE now. Go world!


  • 100% cotton fabric case with our signature slimline Velcro loop closure for a quick, secure seal.
  • Easy to spot patterns, allow for fast accessibility when you need it- think hot pink rhinos kept in your black bag- you will always find it fast!
  • Tip- leave your case out while you eat so you remember to take your straw and utensils with you and not accidentally leave behind or throw away. (100% guilty of this, many times when I first started carrying mine!)
  • Each fabric case is 11" H x 2.5" W with Velcro closure at 9.5” H, the ideal size for 9" or shorter straws and utensils (standard utensils and straws measure 8.5” or less.) If you use longer straws, they fit but you will wrap the Velcro closure around them instead.
  • Each case comfortable holds a fork, spoon and several straws. Also available are matching Napkin ‘Singles’ you can roll up and stick inside.
  • Machine washable, dryer safe or lay flat to dry.



  • USPS shipping (free shipping on orders over $50!) in 1 - 2 business days from Florida plus carrier time.
  • Each design is handmade from an original Wendy Barnes pen and ink drawing and gives back to wildlife conservation partners for each pattern.

Customer Reviews

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Megan (Merritt Island, US)
I use these for everything

These bags not only carry reusable straws which support a sustainable lifestyle, but in my house they also carry toothbrushes, chop sticks, and more. I use them for so much and the patterns are too cute!