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Macaw Keychain Bag in Black


Being hands-free is downright luxurious. For the times in life when you need to carry just a few essentials (ID, cash/cards, lip balm/stick, mints, dice?) but don’t want something heavy, simply clip a Keychain Bag to your key ring and/or your belt loop (if wearing pants with belt loops of course) and be free.

How about walking the dog- maybe even training an adorable new puppy? Toss in a few treats, a few (biodegradable!) bags and clip it to a loop on a leash (you can tie a string through the handle and clip to the string!)

Need another use? Each Keychain Bag is lined with certified food-safe lining tested lead-free, BPA-free, PVC & phthalate-free, to cover all usage options- maybe you like to snack on nuts and now can skip buying boxes of plastic bags! Toss in a matching Napkin ‘Single’ for a perfectly eco pair.


  • Measuring 5" square and featuring our signature easy-open slimline Velcro closure as used in our larger Snack Bags, this is one handy new accessory.
  • Metal swivel keychain attached and included so you are ready to go.
  • Machine washable cotton with water resistant lining, these can be tossed in the wash or simply pull out the lining and shake or wipe for a quick refresh if full wash is not necessary.


  • Handmade in Florida with each wildlife design created from original pen and ink artwork.
  • USPS shipping (free shipping on orders over $50!) in 1 - 2 business days from Florida plus carrier time.
  • 10% is donated for this pattern to Macaw Recovery Network's conservation efforts in Costa Rica. Your support will benefit the protection of three endangered Parrot species: the Scarlet Macaw, Great Green Macaw and Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot. From MRN: 'The Great Green Macaw was recently re-classified as critically endangered, to just 500 - 1000 individuals left in the entire world, only a third of what the population in 2005.' Let's help!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Diane Lee-Smith (Lorain, US)
Three keychain bags

Bought three different keychain bags for 3 friends All 3 are perfect! Love the design and artwork.


These little bags are cute and versatile. I love the African Penguin pattern, it’s a favorite


Got it in a timely manner!!!!

Diane Lee-Smith (Cincinnati, US)
Horseshoe crab let bag

Very well made and cute bag to hold stuff. Horseshoe crabs are an under the radar people saver and Wendy’s fabric design is perfect.I love Wendy’s products. 💙

Beekeepers (Paoli, US)
Always good

Same great graphics and product! Like the orange with the gator …