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Humpback Whale Reusable Straw Case
Humpback Whale Reusable Straw Case
Humpback detail
Humpback whale straw case
humpback whale for straws
humpback whale straw case dimensions

Reusable Straw Case - Humpback Whale

$12.99 $12.00

What's Included:
Bag only

Are you carrying your reusable straw and/or utensils with you?  This is a must-do behavior for anyone who is conservation chic!  Use this bag to carry your straw, cleaning brush and utensils anywhere you go! (Or instead, your bamboo toothbrush!)

Handmade in Florida with eco-friendly inks and cotton from Wendy Barnes original pen & ink artwork, this bag is an essential part of your lifestyle!

Machine washable.

Each bag is 11" L x 2.5" W and is the ideal size for 9" or shorter straws and utensils.

10% supports Hubbs-Seaworld Research Institute's humpback whale conservation projects!

Bag only - accessories not included.

Humpback Whale print.

Ships in 1 - 3 business days! Email below if out of stock or for larger quantities.





Customer Reviews

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Reusable Straw Case - Puffin

Love it!

I have reusable straws, but had no case to put them in. I got this case for personal use, and I love it! It's handy to keep in the car for those unexpected stops, and easy to carry where I need to. I love that it has red-ruffed lemurs on it, too! They're one of my favourite animals :] Thanks for caring for animals and the environment, Wendy, and for helping us to do the same.

Lovable Red Ruffed Lemur Straw Case!

I’ve now used this several times. It feels great to say “I have my own straw.” I plan to order more lemur straw holders for chopsticks and for friends.

Love my straw case!

This case is so handy to put in my purse or the glove box of my car so that my reusable straws stay clean and portable. I love that the designer is so eco-conscious. On the packaging she has great recommendations about reusable materials. Also the graphics are super cute!!


Reusable Straw Case - Sawfish