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Woodpecker Utility Towel

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2023 Style available upon request: service@wendybarnesdesign.com

This Utility Towel does it all while making a splash (that it can easily wipe up!) in all your favorite wildlife patterns. A modern combination of both a standard dish towel and paper towels, this absorbs, wipes and washes - you will want to dry your hands, dab off your veggies and catch spills in style.


  • What:
    • 100% cotton front and waffle textured cotton backing allows for extra durability, absorbency and scrubbing potential. Machine washable, lay flat to dry or hang for best results. Dryer safe but shrinking up to about an inch may occur (yet it gets even softer this way so your choice!).
    • Each towel has a small elastic for hooking onto knobs or so you can clip to wherever needed.
    • Each towel measures 17" x 11.5" - the tested, optimal size for doing it all without being wasteful. 
  • Why:
    • Minimize or eliminate paper towels from your life! As nothing is ever truly 'thrown away', single-use paper towels contribute to our massive waste problem and to deforestation of wildlife habitats. A Utility Towel can be just as convenient as a disposable product if you let it.
  • How:
    • Take a paper towel challenge! For one week, use this Utility Towel for anything you might use a paper towel for and feel good about your active participation in conservation. Will it stain? Unless you eat only white foods, yes, it will likely stain a little. Is it worth it? Yes. Picture old recipe cards you may still have from the 1900's- spaghetti sauce and all. Feel the love while you do your part. We only have one planet and being spotless to save it is not a prerequisite.


  • Handmade in Florida with each wildlife design created from original pen and ink artwork.
  • USPS shipping (free shipping on orders over $50!) in 1 - 2 business days from Florida plus carrier time.
  • A portion of every sale is donated to a wildlife conservation partner for the animal pictured. 10% for the Red-cockaded Woodpecker pattern gives back to conservation partner, One Hundred Miles!

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Emily Ellison (Saint Simons Island, US)
Utility Towels = Reduced Paper Towels

The 5 utility towels I ordered arrived quickly and were so professionally made and packaged. I'll be ordering more because they will make such great gifts. Very handsome, usable, and absorbent. Hoping this means I can reduce the number of paper towels I go through every day. Thanks, Wendy!

Annessia Michaels
Hatchling/Bee Utility Towel

Love these reusable towels!! They are already a staple in my kitchen! Super absorbent, super eco-friendly, and super adorable!

Kathleen Simpkins (Fort Wayne, US)
Sea turtle/penguin utility towels

They look great, but they are gifts. The receipients have not used them yet.

Sonya Kahlenberg (Yarmouth, US)

Tapir Utility Towel

Leslie Ferrari (Sacramento, US)

Bear Utility Towel