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Are You a Conscious Consumer? Here Are Three Ways You Can Be.

Are You a Conscious Consumer? Here Are Three Ways You Can Be.

I provide conscious consumers with wildlife-themed accessories to avoid single-use plastic and participate in wildlife conservation. Who are conscious consumers? By definition, a conscious consumer is one who is aware of their actions when buying or not buying things. This can be politically, socially and ethically charged, thinking back to the bus boycott in the time of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - one of the most influential conscious consumer actions. My direction is ecologically charged and intrinsically goes toward how purchases affect the planet and the health thereof. 

Plastic pollution has poisoned our planet. If we care about our environment and wildlife, we need to make every individual effort to correct this. Yes, we care about ourselves but I cannot help but put the things that are affected by human actions by no fault of their own first. Wildlife and critical habitats are human's babies- they are directly affected by our choices and for the most part, cannot override our (poor) decisions. 

Elephant by Wendy Barnes

The three easiest and most effective ways I believe you can adopt an eco-based conscious consumer lifestyle are detailed below. 

1. The Way You Shop

Convenience and finances impact your shopping choices the most. They certainly impact mine. But if you look just a little deeper at most things you buy and how you buy them, you can start to develop a conscious consumer outlook. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Is there a local widget next to the not-so-local widget for the same price?
  • Did you bring your own reusable shopping bag and refuse a single-use plastic one?
  • Are you taking the time to literally be conscious, in the moment and appreciating being out and about?
  • Have you walked around and shopped your local downtown lately?
  • Research 'low waste' and 'zero waste' - learn the differences and become inspired. Either is much better than single-use!

Horseshoe Crab by Wendy Barnes Design

2. What You Support

For me, being a conscious consumer means I am thinking deeper about where my money is going. I take the time to research my wildlife partner organizations and personal charitable giving recipients. I notice when a brand is giving back or supporting a local charity event as a sponsor. I keep my ears open and pay attention to ethical (and unethical) choices brands are making.

Radiated Tortoise by Wendy Barnes

3. Use What You Need

Bring your own! No more disposables. No single-use plastic. Reuse, reduce. You do not need to be overwhelmed here. Go back to the basics- use what you already have OR find reusables you love and then you will remember to use them.

The heavy hitting items are disposable things you throw away after one use (aka single-use). Here is a list of the basics every conscious consumer should have:

  • Reusable Water Bottle - replace single-use plastic water bottles, soda bottles and anything else you ditch after drinking with something you fill at home (or have filled for you) and take with you. Save money, save the environment. Find one you absolutely love!
  • Reusable Take-out Container - bring your own- simple!
  • Cloth Napkin - keep one handy, wash and repeat.
  • Reusable Straw and/or Utensils - You do not need to reinvent the wheel here- again, either find new ones you love, or simply stick one of your forks, spoons and reusable straws in a carrying case (like my Reusable Straw Cases!) and bring them with you on-the-go. See my other posts on reusable straws for even more tips and tricks!

Wendy Barnes Design is here to serve conscious consumers. Please feel free to contact me any time and let me know what you want more of!

Wendy Barnes Design connects wildlife conservation causes to everyday lifestyle choices through animal prints resulting in awareness and action. Join the newsletter and meet the partners you can support through every purchase and more at www.wendybarnesdesign.com





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