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Why My Customers Are Keeping Their Masks On

Why My Customers Are Keeping Their Masks On

**Update as of August 2021: This blog post is outdated due to COVID-19 resurgence and masking increase again, however, will be relevant once we begin our post-pandemic lives.**


After reading the new guidance the other day, I posted this video of me being silly for all the makers out there still sewing masks. I've been sewing masks nearly daily since April 4, 2020 so hearing an end is in sight for certain groups felt like a spa day. The story used hashtag #scissordrop but have a look at the original video:


What followed surprised me- I received many direct messages and emails like this:

"Noooo!! Don't be done sewing masks!"

Which of course, is the sweetest compliment. I also received a few messages that struck me with purpose and clarity like this:

"As a primate keeper who has to where masks anyways while cleaning, I’m thinking about continuing to where mine instead of using the ones you discard like we used to. It be will so much greener!"

My sister also used to wear disposable masks occasionally for wood working as part of her artist medium (Amy Gillespie Studio) and she too, has told me now that she has reusable masks, she will just continue with these instead.

While we are ALL tired of them, there is an unintended silver lining for reusable masks so we can see less of this...

... and bring more conscious decisions to choose reusables into our post-pandemic lives.

Understanding what my customers want is key to building a sustainable business to serve. I am filled with hope that yet another reusable product has become a go-to for our planet and will continue to stock face masks indefinitely for all of you forward-thinking planet champions!

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