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Wildlife Lovers Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Wildlife Lovers Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Here are my top ten 2022 gift ideas for wildlife lovers!

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1. Gifts for that special age where we outgrow toys but still need whimsy:

Dumbo Octopus Enamel Mug by Elizabeth Bonert

Elizabeth Bonert


2. Gifts for the person who fills their home with wildlife charm:

Safari Shelf Sitters by Welljourn Artisan Shop



3. Gifts for the cat lover in your life who needs a daily smile:

Rescue Cats Round Potholder by Georgia's Cat Corner

Georgia's Cat Corner


4. A personalized gift for a coastal living loved one (Maryland is a bonus!):

Maryland Blue Crab Company Cutting Board

Maryland Crab Company


5. Gifts for that special someone who adores the beauty of nature:

Hummingbird Stacker Ring from Cactus Quoll Creations

Wendy Barnes Design Gift Guide 2022


6. Gifts for the scent lover who appreciates all-natural goodness:

Goat Milk Soap by Wild Goat Soap

Wild Goat Soap


7. Gifts for people who love unique candles that give back to conservation:

Candles and Wax Melts by Trendy Wendy Beauty

Trendy Wendy


8. Gifts to treasure our loved ones forever:

Cardinal Memorial Ornament by Blue Daisy Dreamer

Blue Daisy Dreamer


9. Extra special gifts for loved ones when you want to go big:

Crafty Cardinal by Amy Gillespie Studio

Amy Gillespie Studio


10. Gift Bags to put everything into that allow your gift to keep on giving:

African Penguin Gift Bags by Wendy Barnes Design

Wendy Barnes Design

Enjoy and may your wildlife lover shine a big smile this holiday season!

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