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Favorite Pollinators: Bees, Hummingbirds, Bats, Butterflies or... Lemurs?!

Favorite Pollinators: Bees, Hummingbirds, Bats, Butterflies or... Lemurs?!

What's your favorite pollinator?

Bees, Bats, Butterflies, Hummingbirds or .... Lemurs?! Lemurs are also pollinators! Their adorable pointy snouts are ideal for sticking their faces into flowers for nectar. All the jumping around in the trees of Madagascar then pollinates as they go, sticking their nose where it does belong!


Red-ruffed Lemur Pattern by Wendy Barnes Design


Lemurs are the world's largest pollinators! Red-ruffed Lemurs eat the most fruit out of all lemurs and they also love nectar- it sticks to their snouts and makes an easy transport for pollination.

The conservation partner for my Red-ruffed Lemur (and Indri) pattern is Lemur Conservation Foundation- 10% of your orders in these patterns go back to help them ($1 for every $10, not just profits!)

Shop the LCF collection here: https://www.wendybarnesdesign.com/.../lemur-conservation...


Aye-aye Pattern for Wendy Barnes Design


I also have Ring-tailed Lemur and Aye-aye patterns for partner Conservation Fusion - if an animal eats nectar, its gonna pollinate!

Shop this collection here: https://www.wendybarnesdesign.com/.../conservation-fusion...

 Bat Pattern Collection Wendy Barnes Design

Locally, a conservation habitat Hundred Acre Hollows Inc is the perfect recipient for the Bee, Bat and more patterns:


Nature is providing us with endless benefits. We need to return the favor and help organizations working to protect wildlife and their habitats!

Pollinate Wildly,


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