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Wendy Barnes Design

Reusable Straw Case - Drill

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Are you carrying your reusable straw and/or utensils with you?  This is a must-do behavior for anyone who is conservation chic!  Use this bag to carry your straw, cleaning brush and utensils anywhere you go! (Or instead, your bamboo toothbrush!)

Handmade in Florida with eco-friendly inks and cotton from Wendy Barnes original pen & ink artwork, this bag is an essential part of your 2018 lifestyle!

Machine washable

Each bag is 11" L x 2.5" W and is the ideal size for 9" or shorter straws and utensils.

10% support P.A.S.A.'s (Pan African Sanctuary Alliance) primate conservation missions!

Bag only - accessories not included.

Drill print.  The drill is a primate closely related to mandrills and baboons- endangered in Africa.

Ships in 1 - 3 business days! Email below if out of stock or for larger quantities.




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