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How to Remember to Use Your Reusable Straw!

How to Remember to Use Your Reusable Straw!

Saying 'No Straw Please' is one of the most empowering sustainability movement phrases of the decade. The trouble is, many times we forget to say it before a disposable straw is plopped down in front of us. From that point, the environmental dilemma ensues:

A. Assuming it is not already in the glass of water I may not have asked for either (I prefer sparkling), do I casually skirt the disposable straw to the edge of the table hoping the waitstaff will reuse as it was unopened?

B. But, this is so doubtful and likely it will end up in the trash unused! So do I use it?

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When this happens to me (fortunately, I am getting much better at remembering these days) I will let the staff know the next time they come over that I do not need it and hand it to them with a look of slight desperation hoping it will not end up in the trash.

My personal motto for anything I 'should' be using but I often forget, is that if you love it, you remember to use it. If I buy a lipstick color I adore, I remember to put lipstick on- plain and simple. If I have a reusable shopping bag that I love to tote around as much as my everyday bag, I remember to use it.

Wendy Barnes Design's mission is to provide you with cute travel accessories you love to remember to use. We could sell plain reusable straw cases or ones with just our logo on them but I would not remember to use it so how can I expect you to? 

Alligator Reusable  Straw Case

To take this further, we do not sell reusable straws- I do not have machinery to make straws and I also have learned from meeting customers in person that many of you are very particular on the type of straw you love. This is fantastic- this is another step closer to remembering to use it! Make sure you have a reusable straw and / or a utensil set you love so that you WANT to use it. You will be LOOKING for excuses to use it! 

If you are an animal lover, pick out a pattern of a Reusable Straw Case that speaks to you. Not only is the pattern going speak to you visually so you remember to use it, you can feel proud knowing that 10% of your purchase is helping the animal pictured. At Wendy Barnes Design, we feel it is our duty to connect you to our wildlife partners and to bridge the gap between basic fondness of a species to understanding more about their place in the world. You participate in wildlife conservation when you shop. Now that is a great way to remember to use your reusable straw!!

Wendy Barnes Design connects wildlife conservation causes to everyday lifestyle choices through animal prints resulting in awareness and action. Join the newsletter and meet the partners you can support through every purchase and more at


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