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Which Reusable Straws are Best?

Which Reusable Straws are Best?

Frequently, I am asked if I sell reusable straws along with my universal Reusable Straw Cases. The answer is 'no' because I believe this is an individual choice based on your use and lifestyle. There are many great suppliers these days of reusable straws- so many, that you are sure to find your favorite.

When I first starting selling designer universal cases back in 2017, there were only a handful of reusable straw types found from an internet search. Now, your local grocery store likely has a supply. This is fantastic news for a trend that is environmentally responsible and sustainable! Yes, they are just straws, but the dramatic reduction of plastic disposable straws is impressive and is representative of the kind of positive lifestyle change we all need to carry into our future.

So, which straws are best? Here is my guide for you to use as a fun starting point in discovering your favorite new straw!

Stainless Steel Straws origin

Stainless Steel Straws (Metal Straws)

These are sleek, rigid and modern- this is the total Type A personality straw! You take good care of it with your straw cleaning brush, you never forget it at the restaurant, and you appreciate the design simplicity. I strongly recommend a bent stainless steel straw though- a straight rigid steel straw seems like a recipe for disaster to me! Also, as a mother, I would steer clear of these practically perfect metal rods for the mouths of little ones (or clumsy ones!)


Glass Straws origin

Glass Straws

While still needing to use caution with the rigidity of the glass and possible breakage factor (see individual manufacturer's thoughts and care recommendations on this), this type of straw in my mind is for the more whimsical user. You like to see your blueberry smoothie slide through the beautifully transparent cylinder! You also appreciate knowing for sure, 100%, that the inside is spotless. You likely appreciate art and are mesmerized my the beauty of a simple piece of glass. Go crazy and see your iced coffee through rose colored glass.


Bamboo Straws origin

Bamboo Straws

Plant-based, slow-living and in touch with nature, bamboo straws are for you if you would like to drink every drink straight from the source. You need a straw for a few beverages in your life and might even enjoy poking one through the occasional coconut. You feel the love of reusing in the purest form and are grateful for the abundance of source for this eco-minded choice.


Silicone Straws origin

Silicone Straws

Yes, silicone is plastic, but there is a huge distinction between plastic and single-use plastic. Personally, I cannot escape plastic- the keyboard I am typing on right now is plastic. But I do not toss a keyboard away daily and get a new one. Silicone straws are great if you prefer a softer, pliable straw. I recommend silicone for kids and am able to sleep at night. Silicone straws for me are excellent stage 2 straws- you have gotten into the habit and usually remember not to leave your straw behind, but you still prefer the feel of a plastic straw. These come in wonderfully bright colors which aid in remembering to use and not forget your straw in your glass.


Paper Straws

Paper Straws

If silicone straws are stage 2 straws, what are stage 1 you may ask? Paper straws (and most compostable straws) are stage 1. While not 'reusable' they bear mention for your guidance. You want to use a reusable straw. You want to try to get into the habit but do not want to spend money on a straw until you know you will use it (or you will not forget it). Buy a box of paper straws and keep a handful on you (in a universal Reusable Straw Case below of course!) and try this good new lifestyle behavior on for size. Maybe you will like paper and stick with them, but more than likely you will want to move on to a version above after a few drinks take too long to consume and you end up with a disintegrating straw.


Copper Straws origin

Copper Straws (& designer straws)

Yes, copper is also a metal straw, but these fall into their own category for me- I think they are just beautiful! Do a little more research if you are someone who wants something that stands out- I always say, if you love it, you will remember to use it. Find a straw that you love (once you've formed the habit of course!) and you will enjoy this new behavior even more.


Universal Reusable Straw Case

All of the above types of straws can be stored in one of our machine washable Reusable Straw Cases for a fun designer look with a give-back promise. Stuff each case with standard sized straws and utensils to create your own on-the-go pack. If you use a longer straw, contact us for an XL. Each of our cases is designed from original pen & ink artwork that gives 10% back to wildlife conservation partners worldwide for the animal or plant depicted. Easy to spot and to remember to use, again emphasizing the 'if you love it, you will use it' factor.

Happy sipping!


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