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Three Ways You Can Participate in Wildlife Conservation Through Design

Three Ways You Can Participate in Wildlife Conservation Through Design

Wendy Barnes Design's number one motivator is connecting you to wildlife conservation organizations through colorful fabrics filled with inspiration.

When I first began my journey of wanting to combine my love of art and fabric with support for our planet's wildlife, I knew very little about many of the countless amazing causes working daily to protect endangered species, habitats and sometimes just the status quo of their beautiful pocket of the world. I often am asked if I exclusively do endangered species patterns and the answer is a resounding no! If we are not aware of and proactively protecting species that are 'fine' now, they will all end up endangered someday. I am as committed to promoting support for a common bird as I am for the last rhino of its kind.

After navigating the world of wildlife conservation and understanding the very small and very large levels of support needed, my hope is to provide you with easy ways to help and participate with me!

Leatherback by Wendy Barnes Design

1) Connecting Animals to Organizations

I believe to my core that if I sell a product with an animal on it and make money off of that animal's likeness, I owe a donation to someone working to protect that species or its' habitat. If we are celebrating something's beauty that is threatened by human interactions (aka just about everything) I feel it deserves a royalty of sorts. What Wendy Barnes Design has chosen to do is give back 10% to a partner attached to every pattern. This feels good and also feels necessary. A way you can follow this model without being a maker yourself is to keep this rule of thumb loosely in your head and when you purchase things. For instance, if you buy something with a sea turtle on it, you can use it as a reminder of a cause that may need your help working to protect that animal. Help can be in many forms and can also be a great way for you to become more involved in your community.

Support Sea Turtle Conservancy with Wendy Barnes Design

2) Avoiding Single-Use Plastic

We know plastic pollution is a huge threat to our world. Plastic has poisoned our planet and has led directly to many animal deaths and injuries (I believe humans too but I am not a doctor and make no claims of fact). If you already recycle and already bring your own grocery bags to the supermarket, you are already doing your part to help. To take this to the next level, start thinking about your single-use items- these are items you use once and throw away. As we know, nothing is ever truly thrown away and many times it has a negative impact on surrounding ecosystems. Yes, a single plastic straw may seem like a silly thing to focus on, but imagine a world without millions of them 'thrown away.' This undoubtedly would have a positive affect on conserving wildlife and habitats. If you like to use a straw, get yourself a reusable straw and keep it in a handy reusable straw case like mine listed at the end of the blog in a gift set. Stick a fork in it from home too!

Hatchling pattern cloth dinner napkins

3) Dinner Conversation

Whether you give back, volunteer, advocate for or simply talk about and appreciate the beauty of our planet's wildlife, you are actively participating in wildlife conservation. Find an animal that interests you and study it! Make it a mission to learn everything you can about something new and have a great conversation starter at your next party. Use reminders like our cloth dinner napkins or art on your walls depicting the animal(s) you love to ignite the topic. We do not have the luxury of ignoring the health of our planet. That day has passed and if we want to clean up our mistakes and do better for our future generations, one of the best ways is through enthusiasm, excitement and good old fashioned eagerness to learn.

Wendy Barnes Design connects wildlife conservation causes to everyday lifestyle choices through animal prints resulting in awareness and action. Join the newsletter and meet the partners you can support through every purchase and more at



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