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Why Oysters Are More Than Just the Pearl

Why Oysters Are More Than Just the Pearl

The oyster is a small, unassuming, cheeky, sneaky lil' powerhouse of good for our planet. They are known for their amazing filtering capacity to keep waters clean as well as building crucial habitats within their reefs*. When an animal provides protection and habitat for other species, they are called a Keystone Species. These crazy little guys earn that title well.

Counterintuitively, when sustainably harvested, consuming oysters is actually good for the environment. A cycle of harvesting and gardening recycled reefs helps this species thrive.

Oyster Reef

My brand connects wildlife conservation partners with fabric collections of handmade, planet-friendly accessories. The Oyster has received a well-deserved pattern of its own for partner, St. Simons Land Trust of Georgia. This partner's (sold out!) annual oyster roast celebrates the oyster along with the Trust's efforts to protect reefs and habitats.

Oyster lovers will enjoy the Oyster Utility Towel for the kitchen (or as a golf towel!)

Oyster Utility Towel Wendy Barnes Design

Or check out all the products made lovingly while I proudly support this awesome animal!

Wendy Barnes Design Oyster Pattern

So far, 2022 has been the Year of the Oyster for my brand, with several new retailers carrying the pattern including Holbrook Oyster in Eastham, MA on Cape Cod. Source out sustainable, eco-engineering oysters and appreciate more than just the pearl.

Wendy Barnes Design connects wildlife conservation causes to everyday lifestyle choices through animal prints resulting in awareness and action. Sign up for special sales, updates and to meet the partners you can support through every purchase and more at www.wendybarnesdesign.com

(Known, but technical *source: NOAA Fisheries)

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